20 Idea Stage Participants

Idea Stage Winners:

  • Smart Hand

Georgi Chipov with his project on creating a new type of artificial limb at an affordable price, which can make the lives if disabled people easier.

  • We Believe in Graffiti

Elina Krasteva with her idea on building a center for graffiti and modern art.

  • Betahaus | Sofia

Alexander, Alexander and Lyuba presented a project for a co-working space that brings high value: building an office space which introduces creative working environment and social contacts.

  • ThreeChess

Rumen Rachkov with the project of creating a free online game platform for three-player chess.

  • Vocabler

Georgi Arabadjiev and Nikola Chernev with their project on creating a single online-interfaced gathering place for all foreign words that a person has in his/her vobaulary.

  • GameCraft

Radoslav Georgiev and Vitaliy Filipov with their project „GameCraft” – introducing gaming concepts and mechanics into business and everyday life in order to increase profit, customer loyalty and fun (“fun is the new FREE”).

  • Fantasy LARP Center

Irena Tsvetkova and Kristiana Tosheva with their project on creating a Fantsy Center with coffe-bar, library with fantasy literature, and LARP atelier.

  • Virtual Assistants

Vania Osmanlieva presented an innovative form of providing virtual service packs. There are packs for administrative and secretarial services, IT services, and HR-related services.

  • A LEGO-type Fence

Georgi Kusev with his project on a monolithic concrete fence, build from pre-manufactured slobs. The fences consist of three main parts which are Георги Кусев с проекта му за монолитна бетонна ограда от предварително подготвени блокчета. Оградите се състоят от 3 компонента, which are assembled on the principle of the “LEGO” constructors.

Seed Stage Winners:


GameCraft is a startup company with a purpose to introduce diversity and fun in every aspect of human life through the power of games. The company provides gamification services and focuses on building a product that will bring education back in the 21 century.



The world’s first chess game for three players needs to become more affordable and popular in order to prove that intelligent games are still fun. ThreeChess is an online game, based on the original rules of the standard chess game, but it is tailored for three players and uses a unique hexagonal table.


Virtual Assistants

Have you ever thought that time is never enough to do everything you need?
Imagine you have more free time for your priorities. You can have more time now because we take care of the rest! Our mission is to cut down your working day by taking care of some of your tasks.

Grow Stage Winner:

GameCraft is a company that deals with the materials of entertainment.

We provide services in the field of Gamification and Game Design.

Our team uses fresh and fun thinking ;)

This is the process of turning everyday chores into games, and boredom into entertainment.
If you have ever wondered why kids spent 8 hours a day playing computer games – we can give you the answer, because we have the secret ingredients of Game Design.

Why are we doing this?
Because reality is broken and the lack of games and entertainment makes people dull.
And most of all, because entertainment is the best motivator :)

How we do it?
By inserting the so called game layer where needed and possible :)

The team:

We started as 2, now we are 5 :)
Everybody does what he/she can – pragramming, game design, art design…

Radoslav Gerogiev
Vitaliy Filipov
Petar Petrov
Denitsa Todorova
Penka Borukova
Mr.X – meta-magical creature who writes code with the power of thought

We already create for some interesting clients.

  • We are making a game for the European Entrepreneurship Day
  • We are designing the game layer in CGArt
  • We are making an interesting Facebook game
  • We are making a university system with interesting game elements